Duotone Balls

Duotone balls are very similar to Ben Wa balls, if you’ve enjoyed using Ben Wa balls in the past you’ll also enjoy Duotone balls.

Duotone Balls with Nylon Cord

Duotone balls with nylon cordMany Duotone balls like the ones shown on the left here come with a 7-10 inch nylon cord that attaches the balls and provides a way to tug on the balls for extra stimulation or for easier removal.

Duotone balls come in many sizes but are most commonly found in the 1-2 inch range.

Duotone balls are also commonly referred to as:

  • Orgasm balls
  • Rocker balls
  • Love balls
  • Pleasure balls

Duotone balls are typically made of plastic or silicone and are hollow with another small ball or weight inside of the hollow outer ball. The small weight inside the ball, which is often made of metal to give it a little weight, rolls around as you move your body which creates a subtle vibrating sensation.

Duotone Balls

Duotone BallsExercise your vaginal muscles and have better orgasms with Duotone Orgasm Balls. Like Ben Wa balls these are used to strengthen vaginal muscles for increased tightness and pleasure during sex.

They also function as a sex toy, improving sexual pleasure. The Duotone smooth plastic balls are weighted for vaginal exercise and typically have a string attachment for retrieval.

The Duotone Balls shown to the left are specifically made for beginners and are made of glass.

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The balls are commonly connected by a nylon cord or the silicone coating themselves and can range from 2 to 4 balls most commonly. The cord can be tugged on to increase stimulation or to remove the balls altogether.

There are also Duotone balls that run on batteries and actually vibrate with the cord acting as the controller for the intensity of the vibration.


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