How to Remove Ben Wa Balls

Stainless Steel Ben Wa BallsWhen they first learn about them many women wonder how to remove Ben Wa balls. The classic example of Stainless Steel Ben Wa balls like the ones shown to the right are not attached to a string and it’s only natural to wonder.

Many women immediately have visions of having to run off to the ER and the horror of having to explain to a doctor that they’ve got Ben Wa balls stuck “up there”.

Often the easiest way to remove them is to bear down and squeeze them out, though if you’ve had them in for a while they might not come out right away. First things first, don’t panic, there’s no place for them to go.

There are many ways to remove Ben Wa balls, if you have a little trouble don’t fret, just keep working through the list.

  • Stand up and move around
  • Cough
  • Sit and bear down
  • Jump Up and Down
  • Add more lubrication

I’ve also seen “Sneezing” as a suggestion for removing them though that one seems a little silly to me, most of us can’t sneeze on demand. If you can though, go for it, though you probably won’t need to if you give the other items on this list a try first.

LELO Luna Beads classic kegel exerciser

If you’re still concerned about removing them or can’t get past the idea that they might get stuck you can get them attached with a string or a silicone coating, then you just pull the cord and out they come.

The Lelo Luna Beads shown here can be connected to each other and one ball in each pair also has a string for easy removal. You can also pop the balls out and use them loosely when you want to mix it up.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Remove Ben Wa Balls

Are Ben Wa balls hard to remove if there is no string?

Sometimes they can be, they’re certainly more difficult to remove without a string than they are with one. There are disadvantages to having attached balls (via a string, some kind of sheathing, or whatever other means) with a string though so you have decide which trade-off you want to make. Easier removal versus flexibility and easier to clean.


  1. Thanks I just recieved mines and I was scared to insert them in , now I am thinking o go and put them inside and give them a shot not panic it’s a good advice. Thanks

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