Kegel Balls, Squeeze to Please

Lelo Luna Beads NoirThe name Kegel Balls is often used interchangeably with Ben Wa Balls, they’re small balls that can be inserted into the vagina and used as an aid to kegel exercises and to increase sexual pleasure.

There are many variations of Kegel exercises and, for the most part, you can do any kind of Kegel exercise with or without Kegel balls or other Kegel exercisers. Kegel balls can add additional challenge and stimulation, making what can often be a dull “workout” into something a little more exciting.

Before we break down some of the different exercises there’s really only one thing you need to know, how to identify and squeeze your pelvic-floor muscles. They are the muscles that you would squeeze to stop urination, or to squeeze something in your vagina.

Here are some different variations of Kegel exercises you can try, with and without Kegel balls:

  • Squeeze and hold for five to ten seconds then release for the same amount of time. Continue repeating this cycle of slow strong squeezes for as long as you can up to ten minutes.
  • Squeeze and release as quickly as you can (no longer than one to two seconds tops) and keep that up for as long as you can up to five minutes.
  • Use one or two balls (Kegel balls, Smart balls, or Ben Wa balls) while doing the exercise patterns above. You may prefer to use one ball to give yourself an object to focus your squeezing on or two balls while moving around, using only your pelvic-floor muscles to hold the balls in your vagina.

If you’re using Kegel balls or another type of Kegel exerciser consider using a water based lubricant to make insertion easier and more comfortable.



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