The Ben Wa Balls Experience

The Ben Wa Ball ExperienceWhether you’re interested in incorporating Ben Wa balls into your kegel exercise routine or looking to add a little extra spice to the bedroom many women have the same question. What does it really feel like?

Often women are discouraged or disappointed when trying Ben Wa balls because their expectations don’t match reality. If you go into it expecting similar results to a vibrator or a typical sex toy you may be disappointed at first.

The results that Ben Wa balls give you aren’t always apparent right away. The act of strengthening your pelvic floor muscles through Kegel exercises can have a profound long term impact on your sex life though. It’s a lot like strengthening any other muscle. You wouldn’t curl a dumbbell once then expect to suddenly be lifting three times as much weight the next day, would you?

That’s not to say that the act of using Ben Wa balls itself isn’t pleasurable, for many women it is quite enjoyable. The point is that the real benefit will become apparent after using them for a while, the strengthening of those muscles will definitely be noticed by both you and your partner.

Some women also find that on the days that they wear the Ben Wa balls then later have sex they experience heightened arousal and can have much stronger orgasms.

If you’re looking for something more along the lines of the typical “sex toy experience” there are types of Ben Wa balls that will serve this purpose better than others. The ones that are attached on a string allowing you to easily move them around, or the type that vibrate will match your expectations closer than the more classic stainless steel Ben Wa balls.

The true benefits of Ben Wa balls are seen over time with the strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles through doing consistent Kegel exercises. If you have the patience and dedication to consistently do them you’ll truly find out why so many women rave about Ben Wa balls.

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