Types of Ben Wa Balls

Stainless Steel Ben Wa BallsDespite the recent surge in popularity due to their use in the Fifty Shades of Grey books Ben Wa balls are not a new phenomenon, they have been around for hundreds of years.


Traditionally Ben Wa balls have been made of solid metal or glass but the modern versions are made with a variety of materials including:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Glass
  • Silicone
  • Plastic
  • Jade

The type of material has a big impact on the overall experience. The difficulty of holding the balls inside the vagina can be vary depending on the material. Stainless steel may be more difficult to hold and better suited to more advanced users, while Silicone covered plastic is usually easier to hold in.

An advantage of the metal or glass balls is that they can be much easier to clean before and after using them. Over time the convenience factor can really add up, if it’s a hassle to clean them every time you may just stop using them altogether to avoid the hassle. That’s not to say that all products made with the other materials will be difficult to clean, it will vary from product to product depending on the design and the quality of the construction.

Different Types for Different Goals

There are different types of Ben Wa balls that are made for different uses. Most of these can be put into one of two groups, kegel exercisers, and sex toys. Though there are many that can certainly be used well for either purpose there are also many that specialize in one area or another.

Duotone Balls

Duotone Balls

Duotone balls are commonly made of hollow plastic balls, sometimes coated in silicone, that contain small weighted metal balls inside that roll around with the bodies movements causing subtle vibrations. You can also find them made of metal (both the inner and outer balls) and other materials.

The Duotone Balls shown to the right are specifically made for beginners and are made of glass.

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Kegel Balls

Adjustable kegel weights

Kegel balls are often coated with a layer of silicone and more rigid than Duotone balls making them more ideal for kegel exercises. They’re also frequently bigger than Ben Wa balls or Duotone balls.

Weighted Kegel Balls like the Lelo LUNA Beads shown here can be used for both pleasure and for Kegel exercises to strengthen the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles.

There are Kegel balls available with adjustable weights that allow the added advantage of increasing strength over time with increasingly difficult exercises. Much like what you would expect to do with any other muscle in the body.

The ones shown here are  made of body-safe silicone, with two 28-gram balls and two 37-gram balls intended for developing increased resistance over time.

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 String or No String

Another common distinction of ben wa ball types is whether or not they are connected via a silicone sheathing or a string of some kind. Having the connection between the two balls can make some parts of their use more convenient, though it’ll often make cleaning them up afterwards more difficult, especially in the case of a real string.

One of the biggest advantages of having the products with strings or attached balls is that they can be easier and quicker to remove. The balls that are loose can take a little more effort at times.

Vibrating Balls

Another type of ben wa balls are those that have a vibrator built-in. These units will either have a connected controller via a wire, which can be quite inconvenient, or a remote control unit which can push the price up.

These products fit squarely into the sex toy category and aren’t really a good all-around choice if you’re looking for something to actually use for kegel exercises or the many more subtle uses.


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